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e-mail: ryan @ this domain

skype: ryangately

I am a gamer and designer living in the Oklahoma City area.  I have been a gamer since I was four or five, and I haven’t looked back since.  My design and development skills are largely self taught.  Around 2000, I worked for Sierra and then White Wolf, doing some PC game development related work.  During this time, I learned the basics of programming, level design, and 2d and 3d art.  I left the industry for several years to study at college and work a handful of other oddjobs.  I recently began working with digital print as a hobby, which led to my current work as a graphic designer and layout artist.

I am also the admin of a ten year plus fan community for Starcraft, which involves little more than maintaining the forum and website and banning the occasional spambot.  I similarly assist with the day to day upkeep of a persistent roleplaying chat environment involving over well one hundred players and game masters.  These sites have given me years of experience working on the backend of web-related junk like php, mysql, and various wiki platforms.

The rest of my spare time is spent on reading, writing, gaming, movies, and both playing and listening to music (I play every musical instrument I can get my hands on, including my vocal cords).

If you’re wondering about the domain name, it’s a tribute to a certain game studio who has continually inspired me to continue pursuing game development.  I have made a handful of friends there and have participated in nearly all of their alpha and beta testing programs.  I share their passion for excellence, simplicity, and polish.

Some of my favorite games are:

  • Warcraft & Starcraft (in all their forms)
  • World of Darkness (new!)
  • Shadowrun (4a)
  • Final Fantasy (IV, VI, VII)
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